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Hi I´m Steve Hartley,

I have been a driving instructor for 18 Years, in that time I have worked for a large independent local driving school and also for the military defence driving school in Leconfield near Beverley In East Yorkshire. My time at Leconfield was teaching military personal to drive on a very intensive basis, which has given me an expert knowledge in dealing with customers who are looking to learn to drive in a very short length of time. I have an extremely high pass rate with customers learning on an intensive course. This may be the shortest rout to learning to drive but is most defiantly the hardest way.

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I would say that I am a pretty laid back sort of person but when needed I can be firm but fair. I will always look at the way my customers learn best and adapt the lesson to suit there needs. I like to keep things simple in the way I approach and explain things to my pupils which gets the results the pupils are always looking for which is to be able to pass there driving test.

Outside of work i am a family man with a wife who which I have been married to for twenty years and 2 great daughters who keep me young and active. I enjoy my rugby nights with my Dad and also love watching my girls play tennis over the weekend. I keep my self fit and in pretty good shape by going out running 2-3 times a week and one day would love to be able to run a marathon. Other interest I have are going to concerts eating out and occasional drinking white wine and cider which this job kills lol.

If your in my area and are looking to learn to drive and get your driving licence then please get in touch ether through the office or you can get in touch directly with me. I look forward to hearing from you all very soon.

Kind Regards

Steve Hartley

Lead Instructor

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