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Yasmin Chand

Direct Drive hub offers you much more than just driving lesson’s, we know what our customers are looking for when searching out driving schools and driving instructors for their driving lesson. Most driving schools and driving instructors are all advertising and saying the same things on their websites. Yes of course customers are wanting a great deal and a good driving instructor that goes without saying even things like pass rates and being professional well all driving schools and driving instructor should be offering this without question. We all should be offering the very best in driver training providing our customers with the very best in teaching our customers not only to drive but to be able to continue to develop their skill long after passing their driving test.

Here at Direct Drive hub we know that learning to drive is one of the most important skills we can have in life, why? As it is a life changing thing having a driving licence. Giving freedom to go and do what you want when you want to do it, having a driving licence can open many doors in finding that job you have always been looking for or getting that promotion, you have been working so hard for. We at Direct Drive Hub know what it means to you in learning to drive and passing your driving test and it not being dragged out over a long period of time.

As we have said here at Direct drive hub we really do offer you much more than just a driving lesson. Whether You are looking to do one of our Quick Fire intensive driving courses, or a semi-intensive driving course where you can spread it out a little to make the course more manageable to suit your needs or to just book in to do one or two lessons a week. We know you lead busy lives and free time is a rare commodity to most of use these days so Direct Drive Hub do all they can to fit your driving lessons in at a time and in a way to suit you and your needs.

What else can you expect from us here at Direct Drive hub? All Lessons are managed in a way to suit your needs teaching you in a way that you will learn best. Our driving instructors know that every customer learns new skills in different ways and has individual needs to be able to learn these new skills. We set out your driving lessons so each and every lesson your learning and developing your skills to be able to reach that important goal of passing your driving test. You will clearly know what you are trying to achieve on every driving lesson you have with us and will work with you to help you achieve these goals you and your driving instructor have set out. There is no time wasting going on in any of Direct Drive Hub’s driving lessons we make sure you benefit from every driving lesson you take with us. Direct Drive Hub also have put in place a whole host of resources to help you continue learning to drive between you driving lessons. From video to our Facebook page and blog go to https://www.facebook.com/directdrivehub/ for our Facebook page and https://www.facebook.com/directdrivehubblog/ for our Facebook blog page where you will keep up to date to what is going on and help and advice on your quest in learning to drive. Remember to follow us to get the latest update from us at Direct Drive Hub.

We look forward to hearing from you all very soon.

Duncan Clubley
And the Direct Drive Hub team.

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All our intensive coures are tailered to your needs. We will book you in for an assesment which will see where you are with your driving. Dont worry its not a test we just need to find out what you need to able to get you up the required standard to be able to pass your test. All our intensive courses included the DVSA driving test fee.

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Start your journey to passing your driving test with Direct Drive Hub. We offer so much more than just a driving lesson. We have some great start up offer, all in one packages that gives you everything you need to get you on the road. Plus we have a host of extra support tools to give you the help you need between your lessons. This will help you to get you up to test standard so much faster and will help you save money. Just get in touch we are here to help.

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